How Assisted Rides Can Help You Provide Volunteer Services During Difficult Times

Volunteer Services

If the COVID pandemic has taught service providers anything, it is that people need to rely on each other to get things done. With so many people isolated at home, the need to reach at-risk populations only increased. Learn how Assisted Rides can help your organization schedule volunteers to meet that need.

The Increased Demand for Volunteers

Volunteers fill critical roles in their communities. A few of the most common services they provide include transportation for errands, picking up groceries and performing in-home care visits. Those roles are expanding as more and more individuals are staying home or avoiding public transportation.

Assisted Rides Makes Scheduling Easy

Nonprofit organizations that rely on volunteers know how valuable they are. That doesn’t make managing a volunteer schedule any easier, however. That is where Assisted Rides can really help. It offers a flexible scheduling platform so you can request services among a qualified pool of volunteers. Plus, they can choose assignments within the program to take one extra thing off your plate. It supports a variety of services and has implemented new options for COVID safety protocols.

Chances are your organization couldn’t run without its volunteer staff. Finding the right software to schedule and manage that staff will help operations run more smoothly and help keep both volunteers and your clients safe.